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''The New Do''

By: Marlena B.
Florida, Age 11

˘The New Do÷
This was it, it was all me. I had the decision for a new hair cut. I never had a hair cut before only for cutting dead ends.
My dad was right beside me telling the hair specialist how to do my first hair cut ever. I asked if I could get my hair styled for the first time. He said no,he said no because I never had my hair styled before only for a wedding, but I had it curled not cut. My Dad was getting his hair done for the hundredth time so he wasnĂt that nervous as I was. I was not that nervous when my Dad told me he was getting his hair done too.
So we sat on the couch they had for fifteen minutes.
Then they called for my Dad and I. I held my DadĂs hand tight as the lady from the front took us to the lady who washes your hair. Sometimes the lady misses my hair and the warm water runs down my neck it feels good, but then it gets annoying because it starts to tickle.
Then the lady that washed our hair took us to the lady that cuts your hair. The lady sat me in her chair and started to comb my hair.What she first did
was comb my hair to the front of my face making me look like I had no face. So when I looked in the mirror it looked as if I had no face. I jumped at first when I look the first time, luckily she was brushing my hair not cutting my hair.
Then in the corner of my eye I saw that my Dad was finished because of course he has short hair. He looked great. Then after sitting in the chair the lady first put me in my Dad came over and asked how I was doing the lady said I did fine then I said the same. The lady said while my Dad was there to go home and blow dry my hair for it comes out straight. The lady finnaly finished my hair after those long hours at least they felt like hours. My Dad went to the front and payed.On the way walkng out I couldnĂt stop hugging my Dad. Right there I noticed my Dad and I had a very special bond.