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By: David P.
Florida, Age 11

Are you scared of roller coasters? Well I am and IÆm also scared of drops such as Splash mountain at Walt Disney World and Jurassic Park at Islands of AdventureÆs which I also rode not knowing about the drop .
Me, my mom, and my cousins went to Walt Disney World just before school started. As we were about to leave the park we passed by Splash Mountain and my mom remembered wanting to get a picture on a ride because all the times we did take a piture they came out bad . Well she saw Splash Mountain I was so scared I almost cried. My cousinÆs said it was nothing and so we went. They teased me by saying stuff like here comes the big drop when in reality we were no where near it. As we went up the ramp i began to cry we reached the top and Ifelt like jumping off. Then WHOOOOOOSH we were dropping.
Now I love it and I wonÆt be as scared next time. So after all that fussing I couldnÆt say I had fun so I stayed mad at them as we were leaving I told my mom I liked it and apologized to her and my cousins. We went to Chef Mickey and I forgot all about it we talked and ate the best food ever and it seems we became much closer we took funny pictures with the characters and told each other what tasted good and what didnÆt and so we became much closer.