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''Moving Day''

By: Alexandra S.
Florida, Age 11

˘Moving Day÷
˘Sigh÷....... I say to myself while dying of the heat in the moving truck. We're moving from New Jersey to Florida. I'm going to miss this place. Like the time I had to go to the hospital because I fell off the old maple tree or the time I got my first dog and he chewed up my teddy bears. But most of all my friends my school and the New York skyline I saw from my window. I'm reading a magazine and all of a sudden my mom starts crying ˘I canĂt do this÷ she screamed out loud. Me and my friend are staring at her like she is crazy said to my friend÷If she doesn't want to move than why did she sell the house?÷ she replied to me with an ''I donĂt know÷ shrug went back into my old room and wept just sitting on the floor open the closet floor and found a book it was pink and it said my name on it ran down stairs with it and showed my mom ˘mom, mom, mom, look what I found! She stared hopelessly at the scrapbook with a look of sadness in her face and she opened it. The first picture I saw was me with my grandma in the hospital saw my mom and I took the book I was running up the stairs into the guest room and locked it In front of the mirror I sat down with the scrapbook clinched onto my chest stared scared saying to myself ˘should I bring it or leave it?÷.Im scared wishing I didnĂt have to leave wish it was all a dream and not reality pinch myself ˘owwwww÷ I yelled out ˘that really hurt÷. I came out of my old room and was drenched with tears.We said our goodbyes and left with my mom,brother,dog,and me.In the car I was wrighting a list of all the bad things that would go on when I move there.1)bad people 2)bad house no girls 3)horrible schools and 4) bored forever.
I was very wrong about this place very wrong. I made lots of friends and have a OK school. I do sometimes want to go home with my friends and relatives, but its alright IĂll live for about 7 more years!