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Agent Snow and The Seven Ninjas

By: Marissa M.
New York, Age 10

In a secret lab in the future lived Agent Snow and the seven Ninjas named Chuck, Brad, Greg, Ned, Ed, Frank, and that other guy. One day a very evil person named Bob snuck in the secret lab. Even though he was really sneaky, Bob wasn’t that sneaky for Agent Snow until he sprayed poison spray at Agent Snow and stole their time machine. Bob used the time machine to go to the gold rush. While that happened the seven ninjas chuck, Brad, Ned, Ed, Frank, and that other guy were shopping for tools. When they came back they used an antidote to heal Agent Snow. Then they rushed to the gold rush in their extra time machine. They caught Bob and put him in jail. Then they grabbed a nice cool sundae. I finally remember that other guy’s name Ralph. What a happy ending.