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''Falling with Embarassment''

By: Lamel L.
Florida, Age 11

''Ouch!'' I screamed. ''That was a hard one, IŠll never be seen again.÷ Lamel how can you fall so foolishly my friend'' Marcus asked. I don't know; but I know it hurt.
Were at camp together for the summer. Lamel do you want to race? Sure I'm up for your challenge. Faster we go I'm turning around the cone and all of a sudden Woooh! I fall with serious pain.÷ Marcus you can go I think I need a break for a minute. I think your going to need some practice before I embarrass you. Ha! Ha! Ha! not funny IĂll beat you with my eyes closedĂ said MarcusĂ.
After, my break I was skating smoother than ice. The D.J put on my favorite song and I was quick as flash.Ă Lets go Marcus; who ever wins three out of five is the winner. Oh the loser has to buy the winner a slice of pizza. Yeah whatever Marcus, saidĂ. I wont have to pay, because im going to be the winner. You speak with a girls mentality I said. Finally we started, on your mark get set go. Im in the lead for just a second and he starts rolling back on up. Were thirty seconds from the finish line and I WON BY AN INCH. Marcus included that we were going to have four more races. Then he said if we both win twice we would have a tie breaker. So we started the next race and he won badly. I don't even want to discuss it.
This is going to be the last race, Marcus came up and told me. I guess he was too tired and I was to. The race is on and we started it was tie all the way to the end. Me and him found out that every body is the same. Never think that you are better than someone because you arenĂt. So we both bought are own pizzaĂs.