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Cinderella and Snow White

By: Iris Z.
New Mexico, Age 8

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Cinderella. Her best friend Snow White worked alongside her as servants for Rapunzel. Rapunzel was the most foolish queen in all of Las Vegas. Rapunzel thought the castle she lived in was haunted because every night she heard neighs from supposed ghosts. Snow White was sure that the queen was just hearing the horses in the corral that happened to be right in front of the castle.
Another example of her foolishness was the types of friendships she made with many evil people. Two of Rapunzel' s friends were Aladdin and Jafar. These people were the most evil people in Las Vegas, because they would always befriend rich people and would steal from them. Rapunzel didn't know this, and always listened to their advice. Snow White thought the queen was foolish for using all of Aladdin and Jafar's suggestions without knowing much about them.
Every day Cinderella and Snow White would go down to the pond. They always made sure to bring along some bread to feed the three baby mermaids. The baby mermaids had lost their mother and were all on their own. They promised the girls that someday they would repay them. Cinderella and Snow White did not know how the mermaids could repay them, but they knew that true friends always kept their promises.
One day, cook Beast went to talk with the queen's friends. He didn't know what to make for dinner and since Rapunzel' s friends knew the most about her, he asked them for ideas. ''There is no food in the kitchen, you can't make anything without sending Cinderella down to the market to buy more food,'' said Jafar. ''The queen favors lots of fruit in her jello,'' said Aladdin, since there was a shortcut to the fruit market.
Little did he know that this was all a trick. Down at the fruit market J afar and Aladdin had taken the shortcut and were waiting to kidnap Cinderella. They hoped to, and use her to lead Snow White into a trap. They did this because if Snow White and Cinderella were dead, then Rapunzel would have no one to be friends with, except for them. That way they could control Las Vegas by telling the queen what to do.
When Cinderella went to the market, Snow White watched because her sister was once nearly kidnapped before. Snow White was always extra careful. When she saw Cinderella get kidnapped she started to panic, because of all the work she would have to do alone if Cinderella was gone.

When she finally calmed down, she told queen Rapunzel that she needed a break to get her nails done. So the queen let her borrow a horse to go to town. As soon as Snow White passed the magic lake where the mermaids lived, all three of them leaped out. They offered to help as a repayment from when Snow White and Cinderella would feed them. Snow White didn't know how the mermaids knew she needed help, but she didn't have time to ask. So then all went and decided on a plan.
Snow White told two mermaids to wait for her and Cinderella, and for the other one to distract the guards. She returned the horse and rode one of the mermaids across the lake instead. She hopped off near a castle and the mermaid who had been told to distract the guards called to them and they started to chase her around the magic lake. Snow White then ran into the castle and came out with Cinderella. Snow White and Cinderella then hopped on two of the mermaids and rode across the magic lake. When they got to the other side they hopped back off the mermaids and walked home.
When Cinderella and Snow White got back to Las Vegas they told queen Rapunzel what had happened and how they were very tired. Queen Rapunzel was extremely angry because she had been so foolish, and because her best friends had betrayed her. She banished Aladdin and Jafar from Las Vegas. Rapunzel gave Snow White and Cinderella their freedom to live in the village as a reward, and everybody lived happily ever after.