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3 Billy Goats

By: Lily R.
Louisiana, Age 7

Once upon a time. There were three billy goats. They were walking in the forest. It took them a really long time. They finallly found the place to eat. Then they sat down to eat. Then the first billy goat wanted to say something. But he was too shy. He told his brothers that he was too shy. But his brothers really wanted to hear, so he told his brothers what he wanted to say. But then he told his brothers to hold on. But then his brothers screamed in billy goats ear. Billy goat did not like it at all. So he told his brother's not to do it again. So his brothers did not do it again. But then he wanted to tell the story so he told it. And he told it. He said that he wanted to go to th efield across the bridge. His brothers laughed at him. He did not like it so they went to the bridge.