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Billy Goats

By: Timmy C.
Louisiana, Age 8

Once upon a time Little Billy Goat cross the bridge and the troll said, ''who's that crossing my bridge?'' ''It's just me LIttle Billy Goat.'' ''I'm gonna gobble you up.'' And then second billy goat and the troll said, ''who's that crossing my bridge? I'm gonna to gobble you up.'' The last one told the two goats to come here. They whispered a plan. The three billy goats cross the bridge and kicked the troll. when the troll fell in the fire the three billy goats went home. Then they cross the bridge and eat the grass. And they go to the farm the farmer gave them grass to eat. They ate more and they got bigger and bigger and stronger. And the next day she woke up. The goats realized there were food. The farmer cleaned it all up. They were hungry. and they go somewhere else. they got food. The three billy goats lived happily ever after.