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''Descriptive Writing with Virginia Hamilton''

By: Stephen C.
New Jersey, Age 14

''Descriptive Writing with Virginia Hamilton''

She was born on the outer rim of the Great Depression into the plain, rural landscape of Ohio farm country. Her grandfather escaped from slavery by using the Underground Railroad. Both of her parents were whole-hearted readers and exceptional storytellers. Her mom would never pressure her to do anything or be anything, it was up to them to find what they were to do. All during her time, people have encouraged her and supported her along the way ¨ teachers, librarians, and local ministers. She was extremely full of life in her early stages and always into things ¨ public-speaking contests, singing locally at various public occasions, athletics. She was leader of the girlĂs basketball team and president of my class. In her senior year, she wrote the class play and managed to get almost all of the football and basketball fellows to contribute ¨ no mean accomplishment at the time!

She received a scholarship to Antioch College in her hometown, Yellow Springs, Ohio. After college, she left her miniature Ohio town to seek her destiny and become an author in the immense city, New York. There she met and married poet and writer Arnold Adoff in 1960. After 15 long years in New York, she returned to Ohio. I had built my way (publishing books!), and I could come home yet again.

I never stop having new ideas for books nor the desire to work so powerfully at writing them.