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A Dog's True Love!

By: Brittany P.
Nebraska, Age 13

A DogÆs True Love!!!!
Have you ever had that feeling that your pet is the only one in the world that still loves you?? Well, thatÆs my dog, Cowboy.
Whenever I feel like the world and everyone hates me I just go outside in the warm weather and simply sit there and tell him all about my problems. He lays his head on my lap while I stroke his soft black and white fur and I tell him all about what is making my life a living nightmare. It is nice to have him at my front step all year around to tell him my problems and he never interrupts me once!! Cowboy definitely makes me feel better knowing he does care in some weird way. IÆm so glad I have a dog to talk to and I hope everyone has a dog or a pet to talk to you when you need some love.