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30,000 Pigs

By: Nico P.
Venezuela, Age 9

Once upon a time in a pig cloning factory, Joe, a guy who worked there, accidently opened a room full of pigs. 30,000 escaped, but no one knew because he didn’t say anything. Meanwhile, in a wolf cloning factory, the same thing happened, and 10,000 wolves escaped.
The pigs were walking through the noisy smelly city, when they passed by an aluminum foil market “We will build our building out of this!” the first 10,000 pigs exclaimed. “We can take 1,000 pounds of aluminum for free because it’s the last sale day!”
“What a bad idea!” cried the other 20,000 pigs.
“We don’t care about big bad wolves!” they replied back. “We’re in the city. Wolves won’t come here for any reason!” So they made a building out of aluminum foil.
The other 20,000 pigs kept walking until they passed by an abandoned brick factory. “We will use bricks to make an enormous house for us!” said half of them (10,000). And they did so.
The last 10,000 pigs found an abandoned construction of an iron tower with 5,000 floors. They finished it, and lived there.
All the wolves kept walking for years starving to death, until they came to the first 10,000 pigs’ house. These pigs were really dumb and they fell for any kind of prank. So the wolves called loudly, “Pigs, pigs, room service!” The pigs opened the door to the wolves, and got totally eaten up.
The wolves still needed more food to survive. So they went to the second 10,000 pig’s big house. These pigs were more intelligent. The wolves didn’t know, so they called “Pigs, pigs, room service!”
“Um… we… didn’t order anything, right, brother?” said one pig.
“No, you didn’t order anything, it’s free food!” answered the wolves.
“Ok, if you have ice cream, come in!” answered some pigs. And they, without thinking, opened the door to the wolves and they got eaten up.
But, the wolves were still hungry. So they went to the last 10,000 pigs tower “Pigs, pigs, room service!”
“Go away wolves or we shall attack with our wild ninja hogs!” But they were already huffing and puffing because they really, really wanted those yummy pigs with barbecue sauce and potatoes chips. But they were so strong, that the tower started falling!
“Ah! It’s the end! I don’t want to die!” Yelled and screamed the horrified pigs inside the falling tower. The wolves ran to the pool, fell, and the destroyed building squashed them dead. Luckily, the pigs didn’t get hurt because there were pillows, teddy pigs and other fluffy things that made the landing soft.
After they cleaned up the massive mess of the tower, they boiled the water in the pool the wolves had fallen into, and had wolf soup for the rest of their life! And that’s how the 10,000 pigs lived happily ever after.
The end