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Christmas at Grandparent's

By: Ryan D.
Nebraska, Age 14

As we started out on the thirteen hour drive to my grandparent's house in Wisconsin,I felt extremely tired. The long trip gave me time to do what I like best, sleep. As soon as we arrived at my grandparent's farm, I felt the anxiety of cristmas morning coming. We then got settled in, and hung out. After two days of just visiting with relatives,christmas eve came. The anxiety was in full throttle now. All of us kids patiently waited while we played on the large farm. That night it felt like I didn't sleep a wink.
Finally christmas came! The snow was seemingly coming down in piles, after all we were in Wisconsin. My cousins and I were the first to wake up, and we made a point of waking up everyone else in the house. We then went downstairs and opened all of our wonderful presents. This was one of my most memorable, fun christmases ever.