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Four Hangers

By: Melissa D.
Nebraska, Age 14

Try to imagine, a hot, Nebraska day, to escape the heat we decided, the mall would be just right.
In the Grand Island Mall, many people were scurring around like they has no sense. In the scrambled mess of people Katie and I were supposed to find Katie's mom. When our legs became weak from trying to find her mom, we decided to sit, and on our mind was a bed cozy with blankets and a pillow, but we really weren't done spending money yet, then Katie's mom bumped into us.
Her mom said we could make one last stop. Katie and I went to Yonkers. Its hard to look when it's so crowded, when you turn to look you knock something over.
We finaly wondered our way arround and ended up in the underway department, Katie decided to try on a few bras, she didnt find one, so we started to make our way to the front of the store and on our way out we decided to smell perfume, we turned to walk out the door and a lady who worked at the store nudged Katie and clearing her throat she asked Katie, ''Did you find a bra?''
Katie replied ''No, none fit me right.'' and the lady said ''Hmm...well right here I have four hangers and three bras.''
After we glanced at each other we knew what the lady had on her mind.
I then chucked my bag at her. If she felt like she needs, I would let her search it, she became angry, and trotted over to the manager and told the manager we stole a bra. We walked back to the under wear department to look if maybe one had fallen off a hanger.
We found a bra shamelessly lying on the ground, we picked of the bra and handed it to her. You could tell in her eyes she was embarrassed.
So I guess all I really gained from this experiance was a weird but funny nickname, four hangers!