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By: Allison W.
Nebraska, Age 14

Christmas what does it mean? Well to me it means the day jesus was born. It means lots and lots of gifts! And another day to to see my family that means a lot to me. I hope that my family does not fight this year. I always love christmas because of the aroma of food and candles. The food is always such a delicious taste.
Everyear everyone gets so stuffed we feel we won't be able to eat for a year but then a few hours later we are munnching on something else. I also love christmas because it means NO SCHOOL for 2 weeks! That means I get to see Steve he is my boyfriend. But one bad thing is that I spend all my money on gifts and then I go poor and this year I have an extra gift for Steve!
So that is what christmas means to me. It is a time for family pigging out and no school!!!