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By: Kyle S.
Nebraska, Age 14

The crowd was roaring with excitement.Two minutes remained in the championship game. My team was down by five. Striving to come back. Seconds ticking away.

Coach called a timeout. ''What are you doing, get it together and play as a team'' screamed coach.We controlled the ball. I threw it to Kyle at the freethrow line. Swish. Down by three. North Plate was throwing the ball around when I came out of nowhere and picked it off. I ran down court on a fast break and laid it easily against the glass for two.

One minute remained and down by one. North Plate tired to run out the clock. Their point gaurd made a foolish pass and the ball rolled out of bounds.The clock showed forty-five seconds. I inbounded the ball to Jared. Standing unguarded across court under the hoop was Kyle and another simple two points. Up by one and thirty-eight seconds remained on the clock. North Plate forcing the ball down court trying to regain the lead. They succeeded with a baseline shot. Ten seconds remained in the game. The crowd was loudly chanting away the seconds. We hurried down court. I received the ball at the three point line. Letting it roll off my figertips it soared through the air. The buzzer screamed as the ball went through the hoop and hit nothing but net. We won the championship game.