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Christmas Shopping Chaos

By: B. F. Y.
Nebraska, Age 14

The Cristmas of 1999,what an exhausting day. I had, as usual, not a cotton-pickin clue of what to get my two brothers. It was the beginning of a long day.
It was the eve of the eve. I knew what Shane, the oldest of us boys, wanted. Of course it was all too expensive. My friend Phoenix suggested Shop-ko. I took his advice and had my parents drop me off. I loked everywhere for that unforgettable gift. Finally I stumbled apon the computer games. I decided to get him Grand Theft Auto 2. My friend said, these are his exact words, ''That it is an exquisite piece of equipment.'' It cost a minimum of a measely $10!
Joshua, my youngest and most obnoxious brother, needed a gift that he wouldn't get so extremely hyper off of. I snooped around Wal-mart till I found something like a light string. It has red lights inside of it. It cost $5 and would cost $12 at any other store. I know, I looked. It wasn't enough. I found a game called Jenga. I grabbed it and knew it was the the perfect thing for a child of 10. I and my family had a terrific Christmas!