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3 little chickens and one big bad dog

By: Linsy T.
Texas, Age 9

Once upon a time there were 3 little chickens.One was really noisy the other was shy and the last one was mean.One day while they were eating breakfast they were talking to their mom about moving out on their own.The mom looked shocked but said nothing but ok.So the three little chickens continued on their way.The first little chicken build a house out of straws,the second little chicken build a house out of dirt.The last little chicken build a house out of bricks.One day when the first little chicken was cooking he heard a noise outside then a wolf showed up the chicken was very scared so he went running to the other chickens house the second chicken was also scared.So they went so they went running to the third chickens house when they got there the wolf said he wanted to be their friend and together they shared a cup of tea.