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Babylocks strikes again this time for good

By: Melissa R.
New Jersey, Age 8

Long ago,there lived three babies Melissa, Marissa, and Mia. First, Mia made some pasta.” It’s too hot,we’ll have to go on a walk to let it cool.” said Mia.
Then, while they were walking a curious girl named, Babylocks,when she came across their house she went inside. Babylocks found the pasta and ate it, because she was hungry. Next, Babylocks decided to try out the high chairs,because she had never sat in one before, but they were too tiny for her. Babylocks was sleepy. She walked over to the babies’ cribs. She laid down in one...and got stuck!!
When the babies got back,she was still stuck in the tiny crib screaming!! The little babies helped her get out and asked her,''Do you want to live with us? We have no mother.'' ''Of course!''she replied.So they lived together for a long time and Babylocks was an amazing and loving mother.

By: Melissa