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''A Birthday to Remember''

By: Madison Z.
Kansas, Age 14

A Birthday to Remember
By: Madison Zickefoose Hour 4

On the morning of October 21st 2002, I woke up suddenly by sitting up in bed. My mom was standing in the doorway flipping on my light and singing the happy birthday song. When the bright light shined in my eyes I smiled and realized where I was. It was my 13th birthday. I had finally reached the age of independence, and freedom! Okay maybe not so much independence, but it was close enough.
When I finally arrived at school I walked down the crowded hallway with a cheerful grin. My friends were standing at my locker with confetti in their hands. After they tossed it in the air, I saw the covering my locker so much I couldnĂt even open it! The school day went by fast because of all the excitement and laughter. On the way home everyone on the bus was singing to me. When the bus driver wished me a happy birthday, I got off the bus and began to walk down the cracked sidewalk the two blocks home. I started thinking about my day, and how excellent it was. I thought my thirteenth birthday was almost over, but little did I know, it was just beginning.
I walked down the last street from my house and saw that there were no cars in our driveway or garage. I assumed that my mom was picking up my brother or sister, and my dad was still at work. I continued walking until I reached my garage door. When I opened the door, I was stunned when everyone yelled ˘SURPRISE÷. I jumped back in shock and laughed. I peered around the room I saw my grandparents, my family, my cousins, and a few of my friends. The camera flashed in my eyes, and I returned to reality. Everyone was laughing and chatting. I gave my dad a hug and went over to say hello to everyone. It turned out that they had been planning this for some time. Even my younger sister knew, and she still kept it a secret.
After talking to everyone we had cake and ice cream. My mom prepared it from scratch. The scent of it was as sweet as honey. Then we had fajitas and tacos. My mom apparently knew that that was my favorite meal. We opened presents, and played a few games.
This time in my life is important to me, because I remember that my family and friends really care for me, and will always be there to support me. I am so happy when I am with them, because I know how blessed I am to have such a great family.