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Agency Mouse

By: Marvin L.
Virginia, Age 10

Hi my name is daughter Mouse and I am going to tell you a story about an evil grandson who stole the balins diamond. One day I was watching the news and I saw that the evil grandson had stolen the balins diamond. So as soon as I found out I told my parents.
So then as soon as we found out we started to track him. The next day went into town to get some spy gear for our agency. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you about our secret agency my dad owns it me and my mom are secret agents who work for my dad. We went back home and went back to tracking.
Today we went grocery shopping and found an old warehouse it looked suspicious so we went in and all we found was a bunch of writing on the walls and a bunch of junk. So then we decided to walk around town. We went past a lot of markets and pet stores. And we saw this weird guy who seemed to be scared of us. So now we drove back home to tracking.
That night I had a dream that the warehouse was a secret hideout and the weird guy was the evil grandson and it was his hideout but I knew it could not be. So the next day I went to school and when I got going home I felt I was being watched from behind I turned around no one.
The next day I decided to tell my parents about felling like I was being watched. They said it was my imagination but I knew I was being watched. So while they kept on tracking I went to school. I felt like I was being watched again so I decided to find out who it was.
So the next day I got prepared I got the best spy gear we had and packed it in my back pack. When I came home from school when I felt I was being watched I hid took out my binoculars and looked around. I saw no one but I knew someone was there.
So I kept looking then I saw someone run into the warehouse. I went in and investigated. I saw someone moving. I got closer it was the weird guy we saw that seemed to be scared of us! So I went home and told my parents they still did not believe me.
I went to bed that night and decided to find out his identity after school I went to the warehouse and waited for hours. Finally he came, he was looking at something I could not see it good so I did not know what it was. Then he took of his disguise I could not believe. It was the evil grandson!
So then I rushed home and told my parents they did not believe me. But then the tracking device found him they finally they believed me. We got the best spy gear we had and went to the warehouse.
We went and we found him there we crept up quietly and split up. My parents went together and I went alone. But then my parents tripped a trap. He captured them in a net! Then he said: ha, ha, ha foolish spies you thought you could stop me well think again. Now it was all up to me! First I called the cops and told them to wait outside for backup. Next I saw one of his traps he was standing under. So I tripped it and he was captured in a giant cage. Then I called in the cops and they arrested him and freed my parents. His arrest was all over the news. And the mayor of the city called us and told us to come to city hall where he gave us the key to the city. And thatís the end of my story.