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Boxing Story

By: John L.
Iowa, Age 14

In my spare time I like to box. I like just about every sport, but I like boxing the best. My brother use to box, but now he has no time for it. My record is 3 wins 2 loses, and I won the Iowa Silver Gloves. I am 14 years old and live in Iowa.
When you get in the ring it is way different than you think. All you see is people looking at you. When the bell rings all you see is a person wearing a head gear and gloves.
When you are in the ring all you hear is people yelling and the bell when you start and stop. When the girls fight sometimes they start cussing and yelling.
When you are in the ring all you taste is sweat and blood. If you bleed, at the end of the round you can drink water.
You fell really nervous and hot. When the other person hits you, you feel some pain sometimes.
All you think about is who you are boxing. When you find out who you will be fighting, you start to calm down and think about what you are going to do.
My coach is a really cool guy, so he makes it a lot of fun. Other coaches are really nice too. The End