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A Trip to Mexico

By: Sara R.
Iowa, Age 13

Who are you? A girl with long hair. I love basketball and football. I act funny. My skin color is tan. I have two sisters and one brother. I have one bunny also. When I went to Mexico I saw the ocean, sand, people, dogs, and cats.
When I was in Mexico I seen people selling things they have the best food ever down in Mexico. I tried their best drink. A lot of people like it. They are called big red, but I think it is gross. After we ate there we went snorkeling in the ocean. It was fun. I saw a lot of cool fish. I got to play with a dolphin.
Later we went to Mexico∆s uptown mall to go shopping. My step dad was surprised he got to drink beer in the mall. After two hours my older sister and I went back uptown. People in Mexico party all night long. After all that we went to visit my Aunt and we left.