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The Princess and the Bad Lion

By: Lauren R.
Maryland, Age 6

Once upon a time there was a princess named Alise. She lived in a beautiful castle. She had a friend named Lilly. She was a deer. She also had a friend named Sunny. There was a new river next to the castle so they went to go fishing. They found a lion so they talked to him. ''Hello!'' they all said. ''Hmmmmm,'' the lion said, ''What do you need?'' ''Nothing,'' she said.
''Well, then, why are you here?'' ''We came to go fishing. Do you have any fishing rods?'' ''No,'' he said, ''Now leave!'' ''But why?'' ''Nobody is allowed here.'' ''Fine,'' she said and off they went. ''Hmmmmm, I'll find a way to catch her,'' and he went home to look in his book of plans. ''I found it!'' he said, ''I'll run after her.'' So that was his plan. So one afternoon she was picking berries and walked home. The lion was running up the hill. Then the princess started running too! She finally got to the door and went inside and she never came back outside and she lived happily ever after.