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''Beauty and the Beast''

By: Brittany M.
Louisiana, Age 15

Once upon a time in New York City, there was a girl named Anna. She was beautiful and everyone loved her. She lived with her dad in a small house. Her dad worked in a factory because Mike needed money to help Anna go to college.
The next mourning she went for a walk and then a hairy, big, beast came to her and took her back to his house. Anna was terrified when she saw Luke, especially when he told her to she can leave if she helps him and figure out a potion to turn him back into a prince. Anna was so scared because she didn't know how to fix potions.
Then out of know where the couch she was sitting on came alive and helped her. The beast thought it was mean what he said so he goes down to the bassement and brings her up for dinner. They start talking and laughing. When she says ''How did you become a beast.'' Luke repies, ''One day I was hanging with my friends when Malana the witch came and took me away from the castle and turned me into this hidious beast, and only a girl can change me back.'' So Anna says ''That's why you took me.'' Luke, ''Yes so will you help me'' Anna says '' Well since I know the reason, yes.'' So Anna works all night and all day for several weeks until she gives up.
Then something came to mind. Anna leaned into Luke and kissed him and he kissed her back. A few hours later he was changing into the handsome prince he was before. Later that night Luke went over to Anna's where he met her dad Mike. Mike was really greatful to have his daughter back. They tld the story to her dad to make since of how they met. Luke and Anna fell in love and a month later got married making Luke king and lovely Anna queen. They tell their story to the kids in the city and say potion of love and a kiss can show the world the real you. And they lived happily ever after.