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A Different Cinderella Story

By: Carly S.
Louisiana, Age 14

I wake up to ice water being poured on my face. ďWake up!!Ē My stepsister Victoria said angrily. I jolt up in shock. ďGet up!Ē she says again.
ďIím up!Ē I snap back. She looked at me in shock. Her face turned bright red and she slapped me so hard across the face I saw stars.
ďDonít you ever get an attitude with me.Ē She said, venom pouring through her words. She stomps out up the stairs and out of the basement. I hate it here, I think, ever since my father married that terrible women Dawn, my life has been horrible. For starters, the basement floor is my bed. Second, not only does my stepmother hit me, she lets her little brat daughters too, and not just little slaps here and there, I mean beat. The only time they donít is when my dad is home. My dad does a lot of work away from home so heís only home once a month. Every time he comes home and sees the bruises, scars, or cuts on my body, my stepmom always tells him itís from fights in school and my dad always gives me this long lecture about how itís wrong to fight and I just sit there and take it because he would never believe me if I told him that his wonderful wife and stepdaughters loved to beat me. But when I go to school or go out, my stepmom wants me to look like Iím perfectly fine. I guess it is so that I donít draw any suspicion, so she makes me wear make up to hide the cuts and bruises, and she lets me wear whatever I want. It doesnít matter that the cuts, scars, and bruises are covered up; Iím still an outcast at school and with my ďfamily.Ē I guess Iím just not good enough for anyone.
I get up and make my way up the stairs and to the bathroom. I shower, apply the makeup, and put on a pair of black jeans and a black shirt. I do my chores for the morning, make everyoneís bed and straighten up their rooms, and then make my way to the bus stop. The bus pulls up and I go to my usual seat in the back of the bus. I sit alone, just like I do every day, I am alone. When I get to school I see my stepsisters in the parking lot next to their cars talking to a bunch of friends. I go up the steps and to my locker. As Iím making my way to my locker I feel someone tripping me, and the next thing I know Iím on the ground. I sit up and all the people around me are laughing, except for Jack, he is the only person not laughing. Jack is the most popular guy in school. He plays lead guitar and sings in a local screamo band. He has shaggy jet black hair that falls in his eyes all the time, bright blue eyes and a silver lip ring. Heís so popular because heís different from everyone elseÖ and Iíve had a crush on him for two years. Iíve been too shy to ever talk to him though.
I turned to see who tripped me. Matt. Jacks best friend. Him and a bunch of other people in there group stood behind me laughing. The bell rang and everyone dispersed like the cockroaches they are. I get up and dust myself off and head for my first hour class, math. My math teacher, Mr. Cite, is the most boring teacher ever, but I try to be nice to him because everyone treats him like crap because he is a pushover. When I get there, I move to a seat in the back and stare at the page of math problems before me. How does anyone expect me to do math in the mornings? As I stare at the paper trying to work the problems out, I hear my name being whispered. I turn my head and see a clique of people laughing and pointing at me, no doubt laughing at me for this morning. I turn my head and try to block them out by focusing on my work, but I canít help but hear the insulting things and crude jokes they are making. I gather my things and walk out of the room, knowing Mr. Cite wonít do anything about it, and walk straight out of the building.
Later that on that night I decided to go out and go to a party. I knew I probably wouldn't be accepted but, I just wanted to get out of the house and forget about everything. I walked to the house that the party was at. I got out of the car and walked up the steps of the porch and walked through the door. Everything after that was a blur. I remember going in through the front door, someone giving me some Dr. Pepper, I started danceing and soon i was danceing with Jack. Then the next morning I woke up in my bedroom/basement wearing the clothes I wore the night before to the party and I had one shoe on and one shoe was missing. I got up and looked around for it but it wasnt there. I heard the doorbell ring from upstairs and then a couple of minutes later i heard it ring again. I figured that my stepmom and sisters were still asleep so I walked up the stairs and to the door. i opend the door and found Jack on the otherside.