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By: Johnny F.
Florida, Age 14

Sunday, December 28, 2003. I finally got my prize for getting and keeping good grades at my school. I had waited for about 1 year looking at what I would like to get. We took our truck, which I was excited because if we got one we could put it in the back, and drove down to the Greater Yamaha deailer-ship and walked inside. The inside was hudge and was full of boats, dirtbikes, motorcycles, and ATVs. I ran straight over to the ATV section and look for just a moment and saw the one I wanted. I looked all around it and found all the special features on it. It has a spedometer, an odometer, a gas gage, high and low beam lights, electric start and a back-up pull start if the battery is dead. It is blue with black utility bars and handle-bars. I stayed near it for about 5 minites before my parents and I went and got a employee to come and take it away to the garage to fill it up with gas and put the battery in it. We loaded it up and now it is almost done with its 3 out of 4 gallons and has 25 miles on it and I still have to break the motor in for 10 more hours out of 20. I love it and I know if I take care of it, it will take care of me.