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Can't Catch The Ice Cube

By: Michael F.
Ohio, Age 8

Shannon wants lemonade to drink. When she opens the friezer, an ice cube jumps out and runs away. Shannon runs after him. When she gets outside, the ice cube is not in sight. So she goes and gets help. Her friends are Amy and Michael. They look everywhere and he still not in sight. They go ask the ice cream man. Joe the ice cream man asks them if they wanted ice cream. They said no. they ask Joe if he could help them. Weíre looking for a running ice cube. Have you seen him? Yes I did, he told me he was going to sea. Are you going to help us? Sorry guys, if I help you Iíll get fired. Ok Joe sees you. We walked and walked and then we saw someone, it was the ice cube talking. Letís split up. Michael go forward, Amy go left Iíll go right. And they went the ways. GUYS look I got him. Thx Michael and Amy for helping me. Bye Shannon. When Shannon got back she saw the freezer open, all the ice cubes are gone. TO BE CONTINUED.