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3 Little Ping Pong Balls & the Blue Paddle

By: Savannah W.
Wisconsin, Age 9

Once upon a time there were three little ping-pong ball. Their names were Pouncy, Bouncy, and Sweet Tails. They all were tired of their mother telling them what to do, so they chose to go out and build their own houses. Soon, the first ping-pong ball built a house out of yarn. When he was done he went in the pool. Then the second ping-pong ball built a house out of a pop can. The third ping-pong ball created her house out of paperclips. They built them right next to each other. So they played a game.
Then the big blue paddle came in. Everyone scattered to their houses. And the paddle said, “Little ball, little ball, let me come in!” “No way, I’ll never let you in my house!” the ping pong ball exclaimed. So the paddle hit and then…Boom!! The house fell.
Then the blue paddle went to the 2nd house and said, “Little ball, little ball, let me come in!” “No way, not by the lipstick on my mother’s lips!” the ball uttered. Then he WHACKED the house down. But he didn’t mind, he just went to the next house.
Soon the third ball was making some hot cocoa when all of the sudden, the big blue paddle knocked on the door. But he didn’t want to smash it down really. He just wanted a friend. So then the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ping pong balls and the paddle became friends.
Here are some things that happened after they became friends: they had ice cream, went to the beach and the park, and then a few minutes after the park, the paddle’s mom called him.