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3 Little Tuna & The Big Bad Lochness Monster

By: Ethan V.
Wisconsin, Age 9

Once upon a time in the misty lake of lochness there lived three little silver bellied tuna named Coral, Yuki, and Ryuke. One day Mama Tuna said, “It’s time for you three to make your own home.” “Okay, yeah. You got it.” All three said.
The next day they went to make their own houses. The first little tuna, Coral, saw a crayfish cutting his seaweed lawn. “Um, sir? Can I have some seaweed?” “Well, sure you can. I was about to sell some.”The second tuna, Yuki, saw a crab pulling some anemone. “Um, Mr. Crab? Can I have some of your anemone?” “Well, sure you can.” “Thank you.” The third tuna, Ryuke, found some stone bricks and picked up some mud from the sea bottom. Pop, an!
One misty morning the lochness monster’s belly groaned so loud it sounded like thunder. “I’m starving like four fasting lions stuck together,” shouted the monster. The first tuna, Coral, was just trimming his house. Just then…smack! “Whoa! The lochness monster tried to snack on me!” Coral swam. “Yummy, juicy, meaty tuna, I’m going o catch up!” “Oh, no you won’t, Bubble-beam!” Just then Coral came by Yuki. “Help! Help! The lochness monster tried to eat me!” “Okay. Grrrrr!” “Oh little tuna, let me in!” “Not by the scales on our scaley, skiny, skin.” “Then I’ll huff and I’ll. . .” “Uh-oh. We have. . .to go!” SMASH!
Just then they came by Ryuke. “Help! Help! The big…” “I know. The big bad monster tried to eat you guys.” “Yes. How’d you…” “No questions. Get in!” “Oh little fish let me…” “Nope, you may not come in!” “Then I’ll smash and I’ll bash and I’ll take your house down!” WHACK! “Ow!” He tried again. WHACK! “Ow! Oh, I have an idea! I’ll trap them,” he whispered. “Is he gone?” “Maybe.” They swam around, then…Snatch! “Whoa! Swim for our lives! Yes. Okay. Rrrrrr, hey I’ve got it!” “What?” “The net. We trap him. Ooh, yeah!”
“Hey monster, over here!” “Grrrrr.” Step two – trap him. The lochness monster went into the net. Cling, clang, ching, chang. “Whoa! What’s going…noooooo!”
“Whoa! A lochness monster. Rrrrrr, ah, Beeeb!”