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3 Little Dumb Mice And A Smart Cat

By: Juan E.
Canada, Age 10

3 Little Dumb Mice And A Smart Cat
Once upon a morning, there was this town called –. It’s the mostpoooooooooooooooorest townnnnnnnnnnn EVER! Only 1 woman mouse and 99 men mice lived. There is also a community called CAT EVIL FORCE FIVE and the best evil Cat organization there is called the Revolution Cats. The mouse houses are made from bombs, spikes, and forks. The cats’ house is made out of Jell-O and the fairy’s house is made out of magic. The problem that the mice have is the cats want them to surrender the town.

One of the mice is with the fairy shopping to buy the right house. The cat is at the underground base to make a rocket to destroy the town. It works but the mice save the town by moving it far far away. They hope the cat does not come back: 3
The End:D