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Animal Snow

By: Alexis B.
Tennessee, Age 8

There once was a girl, her name was Animal Snow.Firt, her name Emily Beth.Then, her name was Niley.Last,her name was Animal Snow.Her parents could never name her so they just named her like 4 times.One day her parents sent her away .She was very sad.She thought there was something wrong with her.Her name was even on the castle.She went into the woods.She was still very sad her parents would do such a thing.She ran and ran.Animal Snow ran into a little house.When she woke up she was in a little barn.There were many animals in the barn.A baby horse came up to her.Naahhh the baby horse said.The mother horse walked up to her.THe mother horse guided Animal Snow to a cozy spot in the barn.Animal Snow rested that night.The next morning she fed the animals.She got the horses ready to go back home.She climbed the mother horse.She started to gather the animals.When she was there at her house she saw her mother.Were have you been mother?Animal Snow said.She asked if she could keep the animals.Her mother said yes!!Her mother even said she could keep the barn!!!!!!That is the story of Animal Snow. The End