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Aladdin: Arabian nights (Origin)

By: Hollie F.
Louisiana, Age 15

Once Upon A Time…
Jazzie picked up the little orange and yellow kitten from the bed. Taken in when she was just a newborn, Hope had taken well to Jazzie and her home.
“You’ve got it so easy.”Jazzie said. “No one bothers you, or makes you show up to parties even if there at your house.” Jazzie sighed and then placed Hope back on the bed to curl up and go to sleep.
No sense in wasting any more time, if she didn’t hurry and get ready now Viktoria would come up and drag her down. That is if she wasn’t already on her way up the stairs now.
“Hey there you are.”
Jazzie smiled knowingly as she shut the door. Viktoria was always looking out for her.
“Let’s go enjoy the PARTY!”
Al threw the bag over the fence and then followed quickly behind. The old abandoned house was his only home at the present. When his mom came home last week high and strung out Al had been the focus of her fury. She threw him out and told him that he didn’t deserve to live there. She will realize though. Without me who is going to pay the bills? He entered the dark kitchen, maneuvering around the table and few chairs strewn around. Al untied his shoes and leaned back on the paisley couch. Though it was only 10:00 in the afternoon, he was asleep before he could even kick his shoes off.
I woke with a start. I can’t remember the dream I was having, but I know that it couldn’t have been good because I came to with the feeling to run. I probably just need some air is all.
Stepping out onto the porch I could hear the sound of music from through the trees. Being curious as I am, I decided to check it out.
“Ugh,” if I have to listen to this guy talk about soccer for one more minute I will fly off at the seams.
Viktoria having noticed my distress walked over and pulled me off toward the garden gate.
“Thanks a million Vik,” I said.
She turned her head to the side looking me over. “Need a breather?”
“Yeah. That would be nice.”
“Take your time Jaz I’ll hold the party while you catch a moment. But don’t be too long okay?” She said stepping back toward the party.
Now that I was away from the soccer freak and the crazy guys trying to get my phone number, I could take a moment to relax. Four hours on your feet is not so much fun.
I walked around the small hedge and into the cove of trees that surrounds the back of the property. I sat down on the wooden bench and layed my head back, closing my eyes and reveling in the silence.
“Pretty day huh?”
Startled by the sudden break of silence I looked up. Standing six feet away stood a boy older than me by maybe only two years, wearing tan cargo pants, a gray shirt, and a black worn vest. I had never seen him before, but I got the distinct impression that he was very harmless.
The girl looked startled but soon relaxed. She seemed to be having a tough night. I don’t know what came over me but I found myself asking, “Do you wanna take a walk?”
“Sure,” she answered. “What’s your name?”
“Well Al, it’s nice to meet you. I am Jazzie, but you can call me Jaz.”
I smiled and waited for her to catch up.
The night was going well, and as we reached the corner market Al grabbed some apples and started juggling them. Without meaning to I burst out laughing. He had to be the worst juggler in the world. Unfortunately my outburst caught the attention of the burly owner, who thought we were stealing.
I dropped the apples to the ground and reached for Jaz’s hand.
“Run!” I said.
We ran through the small alley to the side, and down the park sidewalk. Just as we were getting to the road two policemen on bicycles came pedaling after us.
She probably thinks I am the biggest freak ever. But as I looked over she was smiling. I laughed and pulled us over into an alcove made by some close-together shops.
My heart was beating so fast I thought it would burst. I never thought getting into trouble would be so much fun, even though we didn’t really do anything. We waited till the police passed, and we were for sure that the coast was clear.
“You’re a bad influence, you know that.”
“Me?!” I said exasperated. “You’re the one stealing apples.”
“I didn’t steal them they’re still there.”
We both laughed at that. Al walked over to a brown door pressed into the side of one of the near buildings. He tried the door knob and finding it unlocked walked in.
“What are you doing?” I whispered pulling on his shirt.
“Having a little fun.” He said with a sly smile.
He must have seen the worried look on my face because he said, “Did you see the store’s front? No one has entered this place in years. We will be fine c’mon.”
After a moment’s hesitation I followed. Inside the room was filled with old furniture and antiques. I walked over to an old jewelry box and lifted the lid. Tinkling music filled the air and a little ballerina danced in a perfect pirouette.
Al’s phone rang. When he pulled it from his pocket I saw a picture of a monkey.
“Who’s that?” I asked.
“Oh, just my friend. Not important. I’ll call him back later.”
“Hey look at this.”Al said pointing at an antique lamp with a rustic shade depicting an ancient Chinese love story, and battle scene.
“Pull the string and then we will be able to see better. Let a little light in here.” I said, moving closer to get a better look.
I pulled the string and the room was flooded with an eerie blue glow.
Jaz gasped, “That’s no ordinary lamp.”
“Sure not.” I replied.
I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned with a start.
“Never been so glad to see a couple ruffians in my life. I’ve been stuck in there for over 200 years see.”
The man before me wore a smile on his face and had his arms crossed in front of his chest.
“Oh. My. God.” I heard Jaz say from behind me.
“What’s…” Then I saw. The man had no lower body. He was floating just above the floor.
I took a step back, “What in the World?”
“Well see,” said the man, disappearing, and then reappearing on a brown trunk in the corner.
“I am a Genie. And you my little ruffian friend…” He appeared at my side, and I jumped back in alarm. “…have just summoned me. So what will it be?”
“Uh…. What do… What do you mean?”
“Do I have to spell it out for you boy?” The Genie replied.
“I think he means wishes, Right?”
“Now that a smart girl. And pretty too.”
“Wait a minute. I thought Genies lived in lamps, like in the movies.” Jaz said.
“Sometimes but that’s not the point. Since you both were he to summon me you each get two wishes.”
“Two I thought it was three?” I said.
“Hey now buddy, don’t push it.”
“We’ll take two,” Jaz said stepping forward.
“Again, smart girl.”
Genie floated over to the closet and started pulling things out and throwing them across the room. Finally, he pulled out this blanket that had the most artful design I have ever seen.
“There you are! I was wondering where you had gotten to.”
“He’s crazy,” Al whispered in my ear.
“Maybe, but he is giving us wishes so who cares?”
“Good point,” he said.
Genie waved us over to sit on the blanket that he had pulled out. After settling on the blanket, Genie clapped his hands and the blanket rose with all of us on it. Before I could say anything we were out the door and flying in sky. I couldn’t speak. I was too amazed. Suddenly, the blanket came to a stop.
“Now the time of business. I have always found that it is better for me to work my magic in the air where I feel most free. So I wont charge you for the ride but I must tell you that all the wishes have to be said before I can make them come true, and no wish take backs. You’re not allowed to repeat wishes either.”
“Okay, sounds easy enough.” I said.
I straightened my shirt and pushed the hair out of my eyes that had fallen on the ride.
“I wish that I was famous & rich.”I said.
“I wish that I didn’t have to worry about anyone else, that I was just free to be who I am, and do what I want to do.” Al said looking out at the sky. “And I wish that I could find a pretty girl to marry.”
“Yeah I wish magic fairytales like that were real.” I said sarcastically.
“Done.” Said the Genie.
“Wait that wasn’t a wish, I was just saying.” I said frustrated.
“To bad no wish take backs.”
The world swirled around us and time seemed to warp around us. I fell hard to the ground, wind knocked out of me. Next to me, Jaz was being helped up by some guy dressed as some kind of old Egyptian like dude.
“Princess Jazmine, are you okay?” He asked bowing low. “Should we have this ruffian killed?”
At first, I thought the man was talking about me, but then I saw the young boy held by what was supposedly a guard of some kind.
“Uh… No its fine really.” Jaz said looking just as confused as I was.
The young boy was released, and I stood up dusting myself off.
A big man that I had noticed till now came toward me and bowed.
“King Aladdin. We should head to the palace; you should be getting ready for the wedding.”
We followed not knowing what else to do.
“Remember, next time you meet a Genie to be careful what you say” Said the voice of the Genie said.
And so the Tale was written, and now you know how the story started.