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''The Beauty and the Nerd''

By: Frederique & Béatrice C.
Canada, Age 14

Once upon a time, in a little town, a boy named Zack lived with his parents. Beside his big house, lived the most beautiful girl of his High School : Ashley. He loved her since he was ten years old, but she was inaccessible. At school, Zack was the poor little boy at whom everybody laught and Ashley was the popular cheerleaders ‘ s captain.

One day, Ashley’s parents decided to make a three-week trip. They said that she had to go live with their friends, Zack’s parents. Ashley was unhappy because she didn’t appreciate Zack and she found him very ugly. More, she would be alone for her birthday.

During the first week, the boyfriend of Ashley left her. She was very sad. Zack tried to console her, but he didn’t know how. His mother told him an idea: make a birthday party for her. So, the next day, Zack told to everyone at school that in the weekend, he would do a party for Ashley at his house. Everybody laughed at him, but they said that they would all come for Ashley.

During the party, everybody had fun and they forgot that it was Zack’ party. They all danced and laughed, but Zack could not talk to Ashley. He saw her kiss her ex-boyfriend. Zack started crying. After the party, Ashley came to Zack and thanked him for the perfect party. He was angry about her, but he still loved her. So, on a header, he declared his love to her and he kissed her too.

So, to be loved by her, he changed all his clothes and he washed his hair and his face. So, he didn’t have more pimples. The next day of school, everybody looked at him and Ashley came and kissed him in front of everybody. They lived happily ever after.