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3 little cinderela

By: Veronica R.
Illinois, Age 10

Once there were 3little cinderela there parents went on a bussnise trip and the 3 little cinderela chould not go.And then they were stuck with there evil godmother they had to clean her house almost every day.And that one morning one little cinerela said i hate cleaning up her mess then the second cinderela said i want to be a book writer i do not want to be a cleaning girl and the 3rd and the 2end said ME TOO ! so the 3 little cinderela`s saw the evil godmother behind them.and the evil god mother sent them to go tothe bard yard to clean a the dirty hay and put new hay in .So when they had time to talk they said mother and father come home tomorrowso lets be good and do our chours.Then the next day.