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“The Tortoise and the Hare: The True Story”

By: Malcolm R.
New Jersey, Age 12

Hello, my name is Malcolm the Tortoise, and I will tell you the true story of what happened that fateful day.

I met a hare that said he was the fastest animal alive. Little did he know, I was the fastest turtle alive. So I chose to race him. As we went along, I faked it and ran very slow, and he went zooming on. Five minutes later, I caught up to him because I stopped faking my speed. He asked me how I caught up to him, but I didnÆt tell him how fast I really was. Instead, I went right back to running slowly. As I got close to the finish line (it was about a mile away), I rushed pass the hare - I left him in the dust! He didnÆt even know what passed him. I finally came to the finish line, and I just knew I had won because I had passed the hare a mile ago. Five days later (ok, thatÆs an exaggeration) and the hare finally finished the race. When he noticed that I finished before him, he made up a lousy excuse that he got tired and took a nap. He was just mad because he got beat by a turtle.