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''Sleeping Beauty: The Witch's Perspective''

By: Brian H.
New Jersey, Age 12

I wasnĂt such a bad witch. I never did anything wrong. Yeah, I cast a curse on Rose. But nothing wouldĂve happened to Briar-Rose if the King and Queen had just bought another golden plate; then I wouldnĂt have been left out.

Briar-Rose should have died - she made my life miserable! She wouldĂve died a dreadful death if it werenĂt for that witch who said, ˘The princess shall not die, but fall into a deep sleep for a hundred years.÷ Even if Rose died it wouldnĂt matter, unfortunately, another frog would come and grant another princess for the queen.

If the king really cared about his daughter, he wouldĂve checked everywhere and burned every spindle himself so the princess wouldnĂt prick it. But she found the old tower and pricked the spindle, and then fell asleep. Subsequently, as everyone went to the Great Hall, they fell asleep also. After that, the thorns started to thicken. Yessssss!! The KingsĂ sons (princes) came in and the thorns caught them. Then that nasty prince came in and turned the thorns into flowers as he walked. He reached the princess, kissed her, and she woke up. Then they got married.