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''Little Red Riding Hood: The Wolf's Story''

By: Angel N.
New Jersey, Age 12

Well, as you know, I am called a wolf. One day I was walking through the woods wondering what time it was. Then I saw a little girl with a red hood carrying a basket. I walked up to her and asked, ˘What time is it?÷ She was so scared she ran far away until she reached a cabin. She walked in, but all I wanted to know was what time it was, so I wondered why she ran. I walked to the cabin, opened the door, and found her with her grandmother. Again I asked, ˘What time is it?÷ and she got up from her chair and ran all around the cabin. I was chasing her because I wanted to know the time. She ran out the cabin, and finally I caught her and said, ˘Can I please have the time?÷ I was so tired of running that I yawned, and she was so scared she jumped in my mouth. Gulp!!! She was gone.

Then a man came along with a big ax and heard strange noises in my stomach. He asked, ˘Is there a problem?÷

˘Yes a little girl is in my stomach.÷

I replied, ˘Well lets have a look.÷ He picked up his ax, opened me up and took Little Red Riding Hood out. He took me to the vet and I got 72 stitches.