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''Robin Hood: From the Sheriff's Perspective''

By: Rahshon B.
New Jersey, Age 12

Written in Bow and Arrow University Hospital...

From how I see it, Robin Hood took it the wrong way. We didnÆt take the money from the people for Prince JohnÆs wealth. We took it to buy a new throne for King Richard and a homeless shelter.

I donÆt know why John exiled Robin Hood from the Kingdom. I formed a little army to guard the throne and the decorate for the welcome home party for the king. We did not mean to make it look like we kidnapped Marion, but we wanted her to dance for the party and teach the other girls a dance.

IÆm sorry, but no one in this kingdom sent anyone to slay Hood nor his father. But I know who did. What happened was the Knights were practicing archery drills and by mistake hit HoodÆs father.

I am truly sorry. I did no harm, and I am innocent, trust me.

Yours Truly,
Sheriff of Knottingham

P.S. Please forgive me.