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Cinderella Tiger and the Prince

By: Harley T.
Arizona, Age 7

Late at night at a castle, everybody was sleeping but Cinderella Tiger was hunting in the forrest. She had two stepsisters and a stepdad. They made her do all the hunting all the time. She felt sad. One day she decided to play dead. The stepsisters said, ''Go up.'' She tried but she wished for a fairy godmother. Her godmother asked, ''Why are you crying?'' ''I want to go to the castle,'' said Cinderella. ''Get me a pumpkin and get me some mice,'' said the godmother. But what about my dress?'' Cinderella said. ''Come back at midnight,'' the godmother said. She came back late. She lost one of her slippers. The Prince finds the slipper. The slipper fits Cinderella Tiger and they got married. They lived happily ever after: Cinderella Tiger and the Prince.