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3 ginie pigs

By: Emily G.
California, Age 8

One day 3 ginie pigs left to find a home.They walked very far.Finilly they found a very pretty place with no enimeis.But what they didn't no is that there was there was evele cupcakes!The first ginie pig Maddie built a grass house.The secend one Ava built a wood house.The therd one Emily built a rock house.Maddie got chased by Frosty the evele cupcake(Frosty hit Maddie's house down) .Maddie ran 5 miles to Ava's house.Frosty hit Ava's house to! They bouth ran 6 miles to Emily's house.Frosty couldn't hit Emily's house down!He left her house.The 3 ginie pigs all built rock houses.