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2 wishes

By: Jordan T.
Michigan, Age 11

There was once a small village just north of Scotland. The village consisted of about 300 villagers living at peace with each other. Everything was normally simple in the village until a bad summer storm came and went, leaving all of the crops in the village demolished. Everything was quickly falling apart in the village. The village people needed a solution. A small group of village people went to find the genie’s magic shop. Hopefully he would know what to do. They finally got there and found a way to make him help them. He granted them 2 wishes. There was a man in the group named Narwani. Narwani was the greedy old man in the village. Before anyone else could make a wish, Narwani said “I wish for respect in the village.” The genie snapped his fingers and exclaimed “wish granted!” “Now…” Narmani dragged on. “I wish for the best house in the village!” The genie snapped his fingers and yet again exclaimed “wish granted!” “nooooooo!!!” The other villagers cried in sync. After all they had expected Narmani to wish for food in the village. Now all of the respect they had for Narmani was gone. At least he still had the house? The village population went down for the next few months and before they knew it, the entire population had been wiped out. All thanks to one selfish villager. Don’t be greedy kids!

The End