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The fairy who couldn't do magic

By: Michelle R.
Florida, Age 5

One day in the fairyful world of fairysville a new fairy named pixie came to live with the rest of the fairies in fairysville. But the bad thing about pixie was that she didn't know how to do magic so she moved to fairysville to see if she could learn to do magic. But pixie found that learning how to do magic was very hard and she couldn't get it right away.One day she went to the magical school of magical people to learn to do magic. The teachers said that they would love to help her learn to do magic, and they did.

her first day of training was very hard and she didn't understand what her teachers were telling her to do. her rsecond day of training was alot more easy.By the third day she knew every thing about magic and graduated from the school.And from that day on she always went back to the school to help her teachers help other people learn to do magic. And ahe lived happily ever after.