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A Evil Witch And A Princess And Prince

By: Eliza M.
Iowa, Age 9

Once Upon a time,First, there once lived a fairy named Elizabeth who helps Bella, a prince named Adam that all the girls like him then one day he was going to the store when he saw a girl. Her name was Bella she was so beautiful and when she turned around she saw him. so she said''hi'' so Adam started talking to her then a evil witch got Bella and she took her far,far away where no one could save her. So Adam went to talk to her mom and dad they were the queen and king so he said''queen and king I need your help because your daughter is in trouble'' the king said''we need to call the police.'' And they called all the cops so they could find her then one of the police's said''that they know where the princess is so finally they found her! And They Lived Happily Ever After! Good Things Always Happen To Good People.
The End