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Cinderella Tiger

By: Socooro L.
Arizona, Age 7

Once upon a time in a dark desert there lived a Cinderella Tiger, three alien sisters, and one old mom. They lived together in the desert. Her mom made Cinderella Tiger do all of the work all day, and her sisters liked to tease her so she wouldn't finish her work. Her mom let them tease her. It was time to go to the castle and Cinderella begged her mother to let her go to the castle, but she said, ''No, no, no.'' She thought about a wish so she didn't let her go to the castle, so she was upset. Then the magic drinks were on the kitchen. She took all of them, then she was a beautiful girl - she wasn't ugly anymore. She was like a Princess and had a beautiful horse. She was supposed to be home at 1 a.m or everything would disappear. Then she went to the castle. the Prince said, ''Could you dance with me?'' She said, ''Yes.'' the sisters were surprised. She looked at the clock and it was 1 a.m. Her ring fell down. Every girl there tried it on but one girl didn't try it on but it fit. They all said, ''Wow!'' They now have ten kids and live very happily.