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Dreaming Point

By: Jack M.
Canada, Age 14

It was a quiet night. No birds were singing and the hum of the house was softer than usual. Its usually loud and interrupting. Thankfully this night was dead silent. I could actually hear my self think. I stared up at my ceiling and imagined it as a galaxy. The galaxy twinkled and sparkled. I could see all the stars clearly. It was like i was standing right before it. I sat there for a long while until i felt the urge to sleep came. I slowly set myself down on the bed and kept looking up at the galaxy. I slowly closed my eyes and i kept imaging myself looking at the galaxy. I felt myself in a complete meditative state. Surprisingly it actually felt real, like i was actually looking at a galaxy. It was so clear it didn't even seem real. Suddenly i actually felt myself floating. I kept thinking to myself that i was dreaming, but it didn't seem like a dream. I tried to raise my hand but it slowly raised up and it floated around me. I looked below me and my legs were slowly swaying from side to side. But below my legs were billions of stars. It was like i was actually was in space. The feeling of it was so weird that it couldn't be described. Well, imagine it as your floating in a pool with no one else in it and the ripples of your breathing are slowly grazing your face. You can't feel anything else but the ripples against your face. That is sort of what the dream felt like. The dream felt like it went on for hours and hours. I kept looking at the galaxy. I kept slowly floating there just in awe of the massive galaxy before me. This went on for hours or even days.

Suddenly, i was unfortunately interrupted by violent shake. I quickly opened my eyes and my mother was standing above me with a face of shock on her face. i looked at her with of face of confusion. I asked her ''what happened mom,'' i asked.
''well do you know how long you've been gone for,'' she said.
''been gone, what do you mean gone,'' i questioned.
''well you've been gone for 3 days. we thought you got taken or something. we were worried sick sweetie,'' she said.