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A Divine Intervention

By: Gabriel S.
California, Age 12

It was the summer of 2016, in Miami, Florida and Johann wanted to see if his best friend Chase wanted to go to the beach. Once the two of themgot ther, they passed an old man that asked them if they could help him find his lucky fork. The two boys agreed to help the old man. They looked all around the beach, asking people if they had seen the old mans lucky fork. After searching for an hour, a kind man heard of the search for the fork and let Chase, Johann, and the old man use his metal detector. After a little more searching, this time with the metal dectector, Chase, Johann, and the old man found the lucky fork. The old man cheered with glee and thanked Chase and Johann for helping him. The two boys said there goodbyes but not before the old man insisted on repaying them. He gave each boys a ''Ticket to Atlantis'. At first the boys were confused, but then the old man jumped into the sea and his lucky fork turned into a trident. Chase and Johann stared. They had just helped the Greek God of the Sea.