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By: Casey W.
United Kingdom, Age 7

The true story of Cinderella . Everybody thinks they know the true story of Cinderella they all think I am a spoilt little brat. But I will tell you what really happened. It all started what I asked my doters to do some chores, however there was a problem I had an annoying cold. When I told them there chores,they did them straight away.

The chores were one did the ironing and laundry and one-gardening and planting and Cinderella did the fire making and cleaning. But she refused to do it. So I lost her in her room.

As the carriage arrived, we hopped in. Cinderella snuck out and put my best close on and my best shoes on. And got in a carriage and went to the ball.

She ran home and riled everything and I got blamed for hitting the prince and I got sent to prison