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1 confident little pig

By: Hayden M.
Ohio, Age 15

The third little pig sits in his rocking chair in his strong brick house pondering ideas back and forth on how he can get back at the big bad wolf since he at the little pig's brothers. What the story never told you was that the 3 little pigs have names, the one that survived who lives in the brick house is Bob. Bob was so disgusted after he found out through the townspeople that his 2 younger brothers had been eaten alive the big bad wolf. He reaches fro a pencil and paper and gets to work knowing that he has to get back at the wolf for all the trouble he caused to Bob's family. Bob is deep in thought after hours of making a specific plan when all of a sudden he hears a flock of sheep going berserk, he grabs his gun and runs down to the farm and the farmer said, ''it was the big bad wolf''. As sick and tired as he is, Bob runs back home and adds more to his plan because he really wants the wolf to pay.
The next morning wakes up bright and early to go down to the country orchard and on his way back he hears a little old laying crying when she says, '' that big bad wolf stole my blue ribbon pies!'' Bob runs back home and crumples up his plans and starts fresh thinking of a bigger and better way to get back at the wolf. Bob decides to wake up bright and early the next morning to go and spy on the wolf. He's walking through the forest, across the river, and finally on top of a hillside to where he can finally see what the wolf is doing down at his cave. He notices that the wolf has a wide variety of items that he has stolen from the local townspeople from small food items clear to large livestock from farmers that he is about to call dinner. Bob gets the great idea to run back home and gather all of the townspeople so they can devise a huge plan and end this nuisance with the big bad wolf. Later that night everyone shows up and they start the meeting off with how they should get back at the wolf. Well at the time they heard the big bad wolf let out a howl as he was down the road at Mrs. Henry's chicken coop. Everyone runs down there as a massive party and they saw that he had gotten ahold of 4 of 12 of her chickens. Bod was more mad than ever before, he knew tomorrow was the day the wolf would pay and everyone would get their belongings back. They all went back to Bob's house and had a plan arranged. The plan went like this, they go to the wolf's before dawn and set out a chest of jewelry to lure him out, then a small portion of the group would slug water balloons and tomatoes in the early morning. Next, people would run down and hit him upside the head with brooms, then they could throw whipped cream pies in his face, then lock him up and throw him in jail. Well everything that next morning plans out and the big bad wolf wasn't so bad anymore after his rude awakening. After this, the wolf fell into a net and he was hoisted up into a tree. Instead of being put in jail, a sorcerer, who was apart of the mob turned the big bad wolf into a donkey and he was given to Bob as a gift since he was the one who went through the biggest loss. The big bad wolf also known as the donkey was used for plowing up Bob's gardens and as transportation. As for the townspeople, the old lady was able to save her pies, the farmer got his sheep back, and Mrs. Henry was able to get her 4 chickens back safely. Everyone retrieved their stolen belongings and as for Bob and the big bad wolf, they lived in peace together, and nobody in the town ever had another problem with robberies again and they all lived happily ever after. THE END