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3 Silly Wolves

By: Ben R.
Malaysia, Age 8

Once apon a time there lived a kind generous robot,who was multicolored,and had a grappling gun,spikes,solar panels and rocket boosters. This loving machine never ran out of charge because his battery charged to full (1000000 watts ) and went down to 10 watts at night but then recharged at day. His solar panels were so strong they could only malfunction to stop working! He is as strong as a diamond and would lovingly protect endangered animals so they would not become extinct. This kind rust bucket lived under the sturdy bridge. He didn't like the wolves who were mean,nasty creatures.

One of the wolves had a plan to destroy the party on the other side of the bridge when they were about to cross a robot appeared! The loving robot kindly shouted ''You shall not cross the bridge!''
''How did he know our plan?'' Whispered the wolves as they growled. They then howled ''We shall cross the bridge and you can't stop us!'' But the robot smashed the bridge to smithereens!

Suddenly the fearsome wolves chased the robot who worryingly shouted ''I will become a scrap pile!'' But then the wolves got lost and blamed the robot.

The nasty wolves shouted in chorus '' We hate you!'' After a month the wolves found the party but it had sadly finished. Then the depressed wolves went home to have elk 'n fries. While the lovely robot got an oil bath for saving the party. Because the wolves granddad lived near the robot he saw that on the robots emails it said wrong party!! The wolves granddad told the wolves and the wolves attacked the party and the robot flew there but was to late to the mayor Mr Charlie Duckie.

While the mayor got eaten the robot saved his eggs and the robot fought the muscly wolves but couldn't win,but he didn't use his grappling gun or spikes because they would kill the wolves. So he gave them burning fur which the wolves couldn't bear so they jumped in the river and got stuck in the robots automatic river wolf catcher.

The robot then revived a Medal of Honor and lived happily ever after and the wolves in jail.