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Attack of the Green Horses

By: Blake O.
Idaho, Age 15

Once upon a time there was a small village. They were like any other village, except for one problem, they were under siege from a herd of Green Horses. No one knew what made theses horses so violent or why they have green fur, some say it is from throwing our moldy green food and our trash in there watering hole. And because of that it angered them enough to attack us. And their green color is a harder mystery to solve, I think it is because the combination of the green food and trash that they were drinking changed their DNA and made them Green. Finally the villagers had enough of the horses attacking them, so they called their local horses magician and asked for help. He told them a spell that they needed to say the next time the horses came. So the villagers hid and waited for the horses to arrive, and when they did they mayor of the town stood up and yelled ''Sticks are brown, rocks are grey make those dirty horses go away!'' and just like that they horses vanished. And they all lived happily ever after.